The Importance Of Cyber Security For Non-Profit Organizations

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If you thought cyber security is something related to only the IT industry, you were wrong! In today’s data-driven world, any organization that seeks to grow will need to harness the power of data, and thereby require security measures to protect this data.

When it comes to the non-profit sector, there are quite a few reasons why data safety practices should be rigorously followed. Let’s discuss some of them.

Non-Profits Are More Vulnerable To Hackers

Firstly, the fact that people think the non-profit sector probably requires cyber security the least, makes it a great target for hackers and other malicious entities. These organizations also have a large pile of personal data such as account details, payment options, etc., which is the primary target of many hackers online. Most non-profits today are operating on unprotected servers and lack proper authentication methods.

Teckpath can create industry-grade security protocols for non-profits and ensure you don’t fall prey to data theft via cyberattacks.

Cyber Security Standards Help Maintain Compliance

Most non-profits need to comply with certain standards in order to operate. With data becoming such an important operational factor, many organizations may require a certain level of cyber security from the non-profit they plan to tie up with.

Even globally, data compliance is something that is being enforced at a governmental level. So, if you are an organization that does not deal with the IT sector at all, you will still want to upgrade your cyber security measures to ensure that you don’t fall under the government’s non-compliance radar!

Teckpath creates end-to-end cyber security solutions that have been used widely by the non-profit sector. Contact us to create a personalized plan, and you will never have to worry about data-security compliance ever again.

Non-Profits Deal With Data Of Vulnerable Groups

If you are an organization working with a minority community, their data in the wrong hands can pose severe threats.

While anyone’s data being stolen is harmful, minority communities are on the fringes of society and are often unable to avail protection against cyberattacks. So, as someone working for them, it is important that your organization safeguards their data.

The Rise Of Tech In The Non-Profit Sector

There was a time when non-profits could make do with spreadsheets. But now, even small non-profits are adopting next-gen technology such as cloud services, IoT, AI, etc. The bigger organizations are heavily reliant on such tech as well.

It is of absolute importance that this growing repository of data is well-protected. Teckpath serves as a dedicated IT services provider for non-profit organizations and can ensure that you have the best data-protection standards readily available to you.

Summing Up

The non-profit sector is one of the most unguarded in terms of cyber attacks. Hackers are able to globally take advantage of this situation and steal data from many non-profit organizations.

With the help of Teckpath’s state-of-the-art IT resources, any non-profit organization can scale up their cyber security standards, and ensure that their data is well protected.

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