The Importance Of IT Security And Proactive Support For Co-Working Spaces

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Co-working setups are becoming more popular than ever before, especially for the global IT segment. But, this also adds an extra layer of risk for all operations. The fact that multiple organizations are sharing a third-party server for the exchange of information makes the system vulnerable.

Covid-19 has completely rewritten the way organizations operate in today’s world. This also means new risks and challenges. Cyber security has become a buzzword, but it needs to be looked at on a micro-level.

So, if you are an IT organization or a company that heavily leverages IT solutions, and are operating out of a co-working space, there are certain aspects of data security that require special attention.

Firewalls And Other Protection

Whether your co-working space provides an active firewall or not should be your primary concern. This is your first and primary defense against any cyber-attacks, and without a firewall, all of your data is highly vulnerable.

A firewall also needs to be customizable as per the requirement of your organization. The one-size-fits-all approach often does not work when it comes to cybersecurity, hence many companies have their own firewall.

While shared firewalls provide safety, a personal firewall for your organization is something that IT firms can definitely consider for working out of a co-working space. TeckPath’s highly experienced firewall team can help set up a personalized data protection process for you.

IT Team On-Call

A co-working space uses a lot of shared technology, and this means breakdowns are quite frequent. If you don’t have a tech support team on call, your project deadlines are most likely to miss.

Our team is always available, so reach out to us for speedy fixes.

Sensitive Data Storage

A lot of the time-sensitive data is stored on co-working space clouds. This can be risky as these clouds are not absolutely secure. If you are dealing with banking, financial, medical, etc. data, then having your own secure cloud is necessary.

Teckpath can help create a process whereby all data will be stored on your personalized cloud, and you will have complete sharing access and 24/7 support.

Data Backup

For any business that is scaling up, creating a backup of the constantly increasing stream of data is necessary. If your co-working space does not give you data backup solutions, then you may find yourself in a risky position in any case of loss of data.

As always, the Teckpath team can provide you with end-to-end data storage solutions including backup.

Final Words

Co-working spaces are great as they are cost-effective, allow you to grow at your pace, and also open up networking opportunities. But, you need to protect your data from new threats that arise out of this landscape.

So, reach out to Teckpath and our experts will take care of your entire data ecosystem.

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